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ORIGIN TYPE: Individual Farm what’s this? 9 farmers, Established 2012

Our passions for cacao, research, wildlife and conservation unite at Reserva Zorzal (or the Bicknell’s Thrush Reserve, as it is known in English) — a 1,000 acre bird sanctuary and organic cacao demonstration farm in the northern mountain range of the Dominican Republic. Here on the reserve we demonstrate that cacao and the thrush can be emissaries of international conservation. We purchase cacao from a few farmers who share the same organic and conservation goals. The farmers are paid above fair trade wages. However, we are primarily a demonstration farm that provides educational opportunities focused on cacao grafting and organic fertilization.

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Zorzal Communitario

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Of the 1,019 acres on Reserva Zorzal, 25 acres are a mature cacao grove and 33 acres are newly planted with the most flavorful lines we could find in the region. These beans are our Zorzal Estate beans and sold out through 2017. We also purchase beans from like minded farmers in the region who share our vision to produce fine flavored cacao and conserve migratory bird habitat. These are our Zorzal Communitario beans currently on offer. The Communitario beans have notes of chocolate, brown fruits and a mild fruit acidity.

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FARM SIZE: 378 total Ha

25 Ha. of Cacao

30 Ha. of other crops

323 Ha. of Forested Conservation Area


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10 kg
20 kg


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10 kg
20 kg


VARIETALS: Trinitario, ICS 95, ICS 40; ML 22; ML 106; UF 29, Criollo 11

OTHER CROPS: Macademia, platano, orange, and root crops.


Zorzal Cacao began in 2009 with the idea that the raw ingredient for chocolate could also be the raw materials for conservation. Cacao’s “commercial migration” from the tropics to markets around the world, in many ways reflects the northbound journeys of migratory songbirds. With that mind, we launched Zorzal Cacao with a mission to bring cacao to market and the fertile markets of human ideas and entrepreneurship to bear on conservation and communities. Migrating between those habitats and communities here in the Dominican Republic and North America is a rare, unassuming songbird now on a big mission: Bicknell’s Thrush.


125 acres of the 1,000 acre Reserve is a cacao demonstration farm. We blend research and a passion for cacao to help to boost yields, incomes and the quality of life among local growers. The average cacao parcel in our region is 2 to 5 acres. So increased production per acre is among our goals. By selecting grafted fine flavored varietals that generate up to four times the average yield per acre, we help increase farmer income and support local communities.

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