Fincas Quebrada Limón, Pittí and Rio Uyamá

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ORIGIN TYPE: Individual Farm what’s this?, Established 2008

ForestFinance has been restoring cattle lands in Panama to high biodiversity mixed forests since 1995. In 2008 we started our first cocoa project with Quebrada Limón. The primary goal was to create an ecologically sound agroforestry system by planting cocoa trees combined with the required shading trees of various species. In ForestFinance cocoa forests, high-quality cocoa varieties are cultivated and harvested while adhering to the highest social standards – guaranteed to be void of any child labour. With the help of our investors we also enable the protection of rare plants and animals in Bocas del Toro, Panama, a region which is considered to be a biological hotspot. At ForestFinanc... +Read more

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$4.50 - $7.00/kg USD
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Fruity Cacao beans from Panama


Stored at origin

Quantity Available: 26 metric tons

Flavor: Lots of bright, fresh fruit notes, berries are prominent (strawberry-like in character on the under-ripe side). Moderate cocoa notes that come in mid-taste. The fruit notes are immediate. The bitterness is controlled and moderate as is the a...

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150 Ha. of Cacao

100 Ha. of Forested Conservation Area

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 70-100 metric tons/year

0 metric tons
100 metric tons
200 metric tons


0 metric tons
100 metric tons
200 metric tons


VARIETALS: Catie-R1, Catie-R4, Catie-R6, ICS-95, PMCT-58, CC-137



At ForestFinance we want to expand our projects in the region to create more sustainable farms and income for the region. We have now of the biggest private cocoa plantations in Panama and are expanding into other countries. Another great pride is to have now our own local chocolate brand and one of the few „tree-to-bar“ operations in the world. This allows us to have a better understanding of the needs of our cocoa buyers. In 2015 we helped the government with their application at ICCO so Panama would be accepted finally in the list of fine flavour producing countries. Our Vision is to set an example of producing high quality cacao while respecting nature and create permanent sources of income for our employees and farmers in the regions we are working. ForestFinance has started in Panama its own tree-to-bar operation to add value locally and have a showcase for the operation. By that we can better understand cacao buyers needs and it allows us to experiment more with fermentation and drying. Carbon positive chocolate: The reason this chocolate is carbon positive is that the cocoa forest in Bocas del Toro, Panama, where the raw cocoa for the chocolate is grown, is part of the Gold Standard certified CO2OL climate project Tropical Mix>>. Gold Standard certified carbon offset projects do not only reduce greenhouse gases, but also support the sustainable development of the respective countries. Only projects that involve the local population in the decision making process receive the Gold Standard certificate. Moreover, the certification proves that the projects are real additional projects that would not have happened otherwise. The carbon positive calculation Under this framework, the carbon captured by this cocoa forest is determined on a regular basis, with an impressive result: 0.412 kilogramme of CO2 are captured for each 50 gramme chocolate bar. We offer the service of calculating footprint until final product to chocolate producers. Sustainable cultivation methods and socially fair working conditions On top of the exquisite flavour and the positive effect on the climate, ForestFinance places much value on sustainable cultivation methods, including socially fair working conditions. All of the ForestFinance cocoa forests in Panama have been UTZ certified since 2014. The biggest sustainability programme worldwide, "UTZ Certified" enables farmers to learn better, more environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods and to improve working conditions. The employees of ForestFinance receive fair wages, providing a reliable livelihood for their families without any child labour. The Rootproof Label: Tracking the origins and transport routes of products The chocolate also features the RootProof label, which enables consumers to see exactly where the cocoa has come from. By using GPS data and maps, found either directly on the product or by following links on your mobile phone, you can easily track the origins and transport routes taken by the product.


We can see challenges due to climate change, floods inconsistent weather etc. Our closed drying and fermentation station allows us to be more independent from weather conditions.

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