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ORIGIN TYPE: Cooperative what’s this? 158 members, Established 2008

El Gran Saposoa was founded on July 28th 2008 with the initiative of 17 cacao growers who were supported by the NGO KTM with funding for technical assistance. In 2009 we achieved total sales of 19 MT of cacao to Macchu Picchu foods from Lima. With support from the PDA with USAID funding we entered our first certification program in 2010. In 2011 we were able to sell 295 MT of organic cacao to the Peruvian domestic market. Along with the project of Improvement of Value Chain in Cacao and Coffee in Huallaga province, we managed to implement UTZ and FLO certifications. We also built three modules of wet process and a laboratory of quality control. In 2013 we sold 225 MT of organic cacao Fair Trade to the domestic market and also achieved our first export of organic cacao Fair Trade to Europe. Since 2013 we have been exporting organic cacao Fair Trade and UTZ to countries such as Holland, Britain, Switzerland, and The United States. In 2016 El Gran Saposoa is a leading enterprise in the production and trade of cacao in our province and region here in the Peruvian Amazon. Our associates are committed and trained; developing a holistic effort to improve the health, education, and quality of life for themselves and the community.

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FARM SIZE: 1103 total Ha

803 Ha. of Cacao

300 Ha. of other crops

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 500-510 metric tons/year

0 metric tons
500 metric tons
1000 metric tons


0 metric tons
500 metric tons
1000 metric tons

CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade, UTZ, Bio Suisse, Organic US, Organic EU

VARIETALS: Trinitriao: ics 95 39 1 6; uf 613 414 Hybrid: tch 565; ccn 51; imc 67; pond 12 7



We are an agrarian cooperative, organized to improve the production and trade of cacao and coffee from our lands, without harming the environment and seeking to improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries through social assistance.


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