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ORIGIN TYPE: Cooperative what’s this? 223 members, Established 2010

The newly cooperativized Allima Cacao is strategically located between the Cordillera Escalera and Cordillera Azul National Parks, where they and the community serve as a crucial environmental conservation buffer. With 90% of their 223 member families belonging to native “Chazuta” communities, their town is also home to some of Peru’s most well-preserved artisan pottery and funerary traditions. Allima was born as an association of growers out of counter drug trafficking initiatives in the mid 2000’s, and their new passion for cacao is surpassed only by the yearly river-fishing festival frenzy that grips the town every Summer. With a diversified fermentation system (for different certif... +Read more

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$2.50 - $5.50/kg USD
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Allima Cacao

Fair Trade, Organic US

Will be stored at origin in Apr 2017

Quantity Available: 2 metric tons

At Allima Cacao they are focused on quality fermentation and open communication with buyers. They are eager to improve their processing capacity and quality to meet harvest capacity and desire to build strong relationships with buyers. Flavor notes...

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418 Ha. of Cacao

1 Ha. of other crops

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 300-400 metric tons/year

0 metric tons
400 metric tons
800 metric tons


0 metric tons
400 metric tons
800 metric tons

CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade, Organic US, Organic EU

VARIETALS: ICS 95 (50%), CCN-51 (30%), Criollos (20%) 100 T organic, 310 commercial



In their own words, Allima Cacao is characterized by a solid commitment to its cooperative partners, who produce quality cacao with social and environmental responsibility. Their hope is to expand their group membership into the larger Chazuta area, taking advantage of the roughly 4000 hectares of cacao processed there each year. With 90 percent of their members (and the local population) being indigenous Chazuta, they see themselves as part of the process of preserving cultural patrimony and creating positive economic alternatives to coca production.


Having managed their first international export order last year, Allima Cacao's biggest challenge is still finding new markets where their finer products will be appreciated and to gain the documentation or partnerships necessary to export internationally. They seek a greater sense of autonomy in the market to set price based on organic certification and quality standards. Though the cooperative has set up processing centers to ferment and dry cacao remotely, they're currently working to make quality more consistent across the board. They received a sizable grant to improve quality and capacity of post harvesting facilities.

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Allima was featured in Michael Pollan's new documentary series "Cooked" - watch Part 4: Earth to meet Carlos of Allima Cacao & read more here:

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