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​CocoaEthika was created in 2012 by a small chocolate loving family who came up with an idea that brought together a group of revolutionary thinking entrepreneurs, farmers and scientists in order to create a sustainable high quality farm to chocolate supply chain. By developing an economic model that rewards not only fine flavor cacao genetics but post harvest quality processing, our aim is to fill a rising demand for ultra premium cacao. CocoaEthika operates a handmade cacao processing business. Located in La Palma, a small town on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, on the edge of Corcovado National Park, which contains the only protected region of Tropical Wet forest on the Pacific slopes of Mesoamerica and was described by National Geographic as "the most biologically intense place on Earth." Our company's unique location has fostered relationships with farmers, processors, transporters and all levels of the cacao to chocolate life chain. ​ With experience in the farming, cacao processing and commodities fields, our company has important on-the-ground experience. CocoaEthika aims to promote diversified permaculture cacao farming to smallholder farmers and the indigenous communities of the Osa Peninsula in order to meet the rising demand for ultra premium cacao from specialty chocolate makers. We aim to grow farmers income while promoting reforestation on the Osa Peninsula. Our goal is to plant as much as 250,000 preferred variety cacao trees through building 3 more nurseries and working with 40-50 small scale family farms and the indigenous Guaymi/ Ngobe of The Alto Laguna Reserve (located on 2780 hectares of forested land apt for cacao). This will allow CocoaEthika in the coming years to purchase and process over 200 metric tonnes of cacao per year. We are able to pay farmers higher premiums and invest in creating a sustainable high quality supply by connecting local farmers directly with the premium chocolate industry. By eliminating intermediaries more of the final product's value is passed on to farmers.

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$30.00 - $50.00/kg USD
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Single Estate Heirloom Cacao Nibs

No certifications

Stored at origin

Quantity Available: 950 kg

All of our cacao beans from here in the Osa are stored/cured according to batch/lot number. Each batch/lot can vary in size from 1-250 kilos and any can be processed into nibs for purchase. Each batch/lot number records the single estate origin the specific weather information during the growing season and harvest, pod storage time & conditions, harvest date/info along with the details and dates and notes around their fermentation/drying & roasting. processes. We prepare the nibs as they are ordered and can discuss the whole bean roasting beforehand. We also take into account that it is preferable that another round of nib roasting is expected to occur before use. The advantages of letting us help grinders with their first 6 steps of producing premium farm to bar chocolate (harvest, ferment, dry, cure, roast, winnow) are that consumers can be assured that every step of the process is designed towards taste and quality rather than logistics of storage and transport. We hand process every step of the way but a bean sorting process is not needed for any of our providers except for a couple that are growing the CATIE blend. This is not because we are going to find rocks, twigs ropes or baby shoes... but because the CATIE blend beans can vary in size to the extent that sorting to size is prudent in order to achieve uniform roasting. At times we may ferment alongside this blend but by using our "co-segregated fermentation process," our beans can ferment together without being mixed together and lost to blend. Our nibs can be delivered to you packaged in sealed foil or plastic lined jute.

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$10.00 - $20.00/kg USD
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Cacao Beans- Don Marcos, Vacuum Packed.

No certifications

Stored at origin

Quantity Available: 500 kg

This comes from a farm that borders Corcovado National Park. The harvest, fermentation and drying notes for each batch number are included (average of 84 hour fermentation). The beans are small in size with small pods and Less twang than the variety (Matina) that's typical in other areas of Costa Rica. Dark ripe fuits, Flowers + Earthen with Carmel and Nutty notes. We make it our passion to perfectly ferment each batch according to what is happening with it and what we want out of it. There is no specific # of hours or recipe to make this happen, just like fermenting grapes for wine or grains for whisky there are many factors that can change from harvest to harvest (like the weather or the area of the plantation being harvested).

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PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 1-2 metric tons/year




We work through 7 main providers and have 15 in total. Our vision of the future is to continue to collectively promote cacao on the Osa Peninsula rather than the depredatory monoculture Palma plantations that require massive deforestation. We would like to experiment with transmuting old Palma plantations into cacao along with hardwoods, cardamom, vanilla, black pepper, ginger and turmeric.


In 2016 we lost around 30% of our production due to extreme weather conditions and massive flooding during peak harvest. We would like to build a better solar dryer and a natural gas dehydrator as back up for the coming years.

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