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ORIGIN TYPE: Cooperative what’s this?, Established 2014

The farm began in the year 2014 when cocoa farmers came together and sat to discuss on how to improve livelihood, cocoa yields and quality. The farmers were being cheated by the middlemen who could buy their cocoa beans at very miserable prices. The middlemen would adjust the weighing scales as a way of cheating farmers and them gaining for themselves. This would not please the farmers who spend most of their times in the fields and finally gain nothing from the harvest of their cocoa. The farmers would from January to January gain nothing, no livelihood improvement for these farmers and no economic status was gaining. Another instance that prompted to the formation of this cooperative was that there was no good conservation of land. The farmers’ environment was being misused and hence causing a lot of environmental degradation. There was no measures to control soil erosion and this wasted much of their soil and reduced productivity. The farmers could not manage to pay school fees for their children because the cocoa beans were being paid miserable prices. No good standards of living existed for these farmers who spend most of their times in the fields of cocoa. The cooperative also existed as an investment gateway where investors can come and invest in the activities of these farmers.

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Kyalimpa Boniface

General Manager at BOP

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$3.51 - $3.51/kg USD

Ugandan cacao

No certifications

Stored at origin

Quantity Available: 10 metric tons

The product is harvested when it is mature and it is fermented for seven days. During the fermentation week, it is turned twice or thrice to get the best flavor. After fermentation is done, it is sun-dried on a tarps up to a moisture content of 7.o-8.0. It is then sorted to ensure no dust and non-cocoa materials go in. Actually the flavor of this product is good and fits the chocolate. There is no mold in this cocoa and the bean count 100/g is good.

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FARM SIZE: 14 total Ha

12 Ha. of Cacao

2 Ha. of other crops

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 300-500 kg/year

0 kg
500 kg
1000 kg


0 kg
500 kg
1000 kg


VARIETALS: Forastero, Criolle

OTHER CROPS: bananas, coffee, cassava, g-nuts, sweet potatoes


The vision is that we would like to see cocoa farmers getting sustainable income and improving living conditions and improving cacao yields by 2025.


Yes, the current challenges are indeed lack of access to a good market, no value additions for our cocoa, low productivity, low prices, lack of partners to work with to advance the sector.

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