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ORIGIN TYPE: Non-profit Farm/Farmer Group what’s this?, Established 1984

FHIA is a private, apolitical, and non-profit center for agricultural research and education. The foundation was formed in 1984 for the purpose of generating and disseminating agricultural technology within the country of Honduras. FHIA promotes agroforestry systems and diversified cropping as an alternative to traditional agriculture business, and conducts a variety of research on cacao, banana, timber trees, and vegetable crops. The diversification program provides support to producers in various categories (e.g., fruits, spices, roots, and tubers) for both local consumption and export. Because the foundation conducts research throughout the country, recommendations are made for diversified crops with adaptability to the various agro-ecological conditions found throughout Honduras. The cacao and agroforestry program focuses on developing agricultural practices that benefit small and medium cacao producers in high rainfall areas. FHIA promotes a partial shade, agroforestry system of cacao cultivation that emphasizes sustainability and long-term stability for agricultural production. Cacao agroforestry is recommended as an alternative to shifting cultivation, and as a contribution to the protection of natural resources. The CEDECJAS plantation is an experimental and demonstration farm of 43 hectares (106 acres). Annual cacao production varies between 20-25 MT. The farm is used to test systems of cultivation of cacao planted under the shade of various long-lived timber trees. Additional research and activities at the center include post-harvest handling, nursery production, disease management practices, maintenance of a clonal garden, and training events.

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FHIA Cacao

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Rich base cocoa flavor, citrus notes (blood orange and lemon), caramel, soft melt/high cocoa butter content. Beans are very consistent in preparation.

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VARIETALS: Predominantly Trinitario and mixed Amazon hybrid types.





To increase fundraising to support the foundation by selling beans to the US specialty cacao market, as opposed to bulk chocolate producers at commodity rates. Collaboration between FHIA and Cacao Services Inc. to improve bean quality and consistency, access to specialty markets, and for research on various cacao-related projects (e.g., identification, preservation, and propagation of Honduran criollo cultivars).


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