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ORIGIN TYPE: Other what’s this?, Established 2011

Nahua (pronounced /ˈnɑːwɑː/) is Costa Rica’s leading fine flavor cacao producer with a social mission, supplying leading chocolatiers and cacao buyers around the world. Grown in the fertile soils of Costa Rica, our single origin Trinitario cacao beans are nurtured to their full-bodied flavor potential through a meticulous post-harvest process.

Working directly with top-selected local farmers, we procure our beans fresh and manage the entire post-harvest process at our controlled fermentation facility in the idyllic Costa Rican climate, consistently achieving ideal quality standards.

Nahua is committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers through training, suppo... +Read more

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Juan Pablo Buchert

CEO at Nahua Cacao

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$6.25 - $8.25/kg USD
Cajones de fermentaci%c3%b3n  abril 2016

Maleku beans


Stored in Hayward, CA, United States

Quantity Available: 8,300 kg

Our beans have a strong cacao flavor with a balanced combination of yellow fruits, citrus, red berries and caramel notes. The acidity is low to medium with a high fermentation – more than 75%. This unique profile of cacao beans embodies the rich tas...

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VARIETALS: Trinitario

PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 70-120 metric tons/year

OTHER CROPS: beans, banana, fruits, hardwood



Founded in 2011 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Nahua is passionate about fine cacao and outstanding chocolate. Through sourcing premium quality, single origin cacao beans from the Upala region of Costa Rica, we expanded our focus on supporting smallholder farmers through technical training and social development programs as part of Nahua’s Cacao Renovation Program.


At Nahua, we are as passionate about the source of our beans as we are all about our impact on the lives of cacao growers. We are committed to supporting and empowering smallholder farmers through technical, ecological and social programs to promote improved farmer livelihoods, sustainable practices, reforestation and the conservation of natural ecosystems. Producers with poorly managed cacao plantations currently harvest only around 600 kilograms of fresh cacao per hectare every year, earning only an estimated 500 USD annually per hectare of cacao. Producers who fully participate in Nahua’s Cacao Renovation Program have the potential to improve the quality of their cacao varieties and more than double their production yields within 24 months.

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