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Learn what we are working on, and how you can participate.

It's an exciting time for Yellow Seed!

We are in process of adding new features to the site based on insight from the community. Take a peek at what is coming next!

User Profiles

People are at the heart of Yellow Seed and knowing who you are working with builds trust. User profiles enable all Yellow Seed users to be visible and tell their story so that others can get to know them quickly and easily.

Profile details include:

  • Your company’s name,
  • a personal description about why you do what you do,
  • any skills and services you offer,
  • languages spoken,
  • any reviews associated with your profile.

Feel free to send us feedback on our current design here. To comment, press the Comment Mode at the bottom right.

Trade and Capital Loans Program

Often times it is simply a lack of cash flow for both farmers and buyers that prevents good trade transactions from happening. Many smaller buyers don’t have the cash upfront to pay farmers, yet farmers need cash to harvest and ship their products.

Yellow Seed is in the process of building:

  • a trade loans program so farmers and buyers can trade with one another more easily.
  • farmer direct loans so Yellow Seed listed farmers will have direct access to capital loans for farm equipment, inputs (such as seeds and labor), resources and training.

If you are interested in providing feedback or support please contact us at hello@yellow-seed.org with the subject heading Loans Program.

We hope you are as delighted as we are about these features!

Have ideas of what others programs features you would like to see next? Check out our Trello site where you can add new ideas and upvote your favorites.

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