Origin and Product Profiles

Learn more about products and their farm origins.

Origin and Product Profiles

Yellow Seed accepts Origin and Product profiles from anywhere around the world. We support responsibly grown, quality, and ethically traded cacao. We are currently in the process of formalizing Yellow Seed’s criteria set for vetting Origins that adhere to our mission of promoting fair wages, ecological conservation and global community resilience. Stay tuned.

Origin Profiles

Origin Profiles describe the story of a cacao farm or producer group. Details include size and production capacity, varietal types and any certifications. They may also include current challenges, the future vision of the producers, and photos. An Origin who has product available will be linked with a Product profile for every product they offer.

Tips for writing a great Origin profile

  • Tell us what makes this Origin unique (ie. physical geography, location, family structures, community history)?
  • What inspires these farmers to do what they do? What is their vision for the future?
  • Mention any relevant social or environmental initiatives or issues in the community.
  • Be descriptive: you are a storyteller.
  • Include photos of farmers, crops, landscape, processing facilities etc.

Product Profiles

Product Profiles contain information about cacao products such as quantity available, harvest season, timing of availability, product location and processing details, etc.

Currently there are two types of product profiles depending on the seller and relationship to Origin:

  • From the Source: Product is purchased and shipped directly from Origin. Trade is facilitated through the Origin Contact, someone identified by an Origin to be their main contact.
  • Community Market: Product is shipped from the U.S.. Trade is facilitated through the Product Host, someone who has the product already warehoused in the U.S. or Europe, or has organized a shipment of product to the U.S. or Europe.

Tips for writing a great Product profile

  • Describe the unique quality, flavor and overall experience of the beans.
  • Tell us about how these beans are harvested and the care that goes into production.
  • Include number of days fermented, drying method, varietals and any certifications or awards.
  • Explain the environment where all of this takes place.

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