Buying and Selling

Learn how pricing and logistics work on Yellow Seed.


Origin Contacts and Product Hosts assist buyers with sample requests and purchases by listing product details and base pricing on the website. Buyers express interest by requesting a sample or placing a purchase to find out pricing specifics matched to desired volume and geographic location. Final pricing estimates can include services such as shipping costs, importation, quality assurance and warehousing necessary for trade.

Origin Contacts and Product Hosts in collaboration with farmers are responsible for setting prices for products sold on the Yellow Seed website. The price for cacao products offered on Yellow Seed may include:

  • Price paid to Origin for direct trade beans, including service fees.
  • Services offered by Product Host which may include importation, logistics, quality testing, and warehousing.
  • Quality premiums

Product Premiums: We believe a commitment to quality should be fairly valued and rewarded. We promote quality premiums and rewards for differentiated products such as organically certified, distinguished production methods or high-quality attributes.

Shipping and logistics

From the Source - Product purchased from an Origin Contact will be shipped directly from Origin. These purchases are generally lower in cost yet may include greater risks including: higher lead times (3-12 months), a higher spoilage rate (30-40%), risk of damage or loss while shipping.

Community Market - Products purchased from a Product Host will be shipped from wherever the product is warehoused, most often in the US. Lead times will generally be lower for these products as the Product Host have already taken care of the international shipping and logistics. Product Hosts may also offer a variety of added services such as quality testing. Prices will reflect any services completed by the Product Host.

How to sell on Yellow Seed

The first step to selling products on Yellow Seed is to add both an Origin profile (if one does not currently exist), and then secondly a Product profile. Once those are complete, a Yellow Seed representative will review and approve them. Check out our tips for writing great profiles.

The third and final step is to tell us how you would like to get paid for product sold via the Yellow Seed website by filling out your Getting Paid page.

Once you are set up, check out this slideshow to learn more about the process of fulfilling orders on Yellow Seed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or technical difficulties.

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