Services provided by individuals in the Yellow Seed Network.

A product's journey from the farm to the port and into the hands of makers requires a strong network of trusted relationships. The following explains the different types of services that can be provided for a fee by individuals in the Yellow Seed network.

Quality Technician at Origin

Assess quality of product and capacity of production at Origin. The responsibilities of this role can be diverse depending on what is needed and may include quality improvement training.

Origin Facilitator

Visit with producers at origin to provide necessary communication and relationship building support for trade transactions. This service provider may also support coordination of trips to origin.

Order Fulfillment

Coordinates the shipping logistics and distribution for sample and purchase orders.


Responsible for managing requirements and services for goods either exiting and/or entering a country.


Provides storage facility for products in the US or Europe.

Third Party Flavor and Quality Analysis

Accredited flavor and quality analyzers who can map flavor attributes and identify the presence of any defects in a product.

Additional Processing and Repackaging

Involved in the process of a product into another form or size.

Language Translation

Assist buyers and farmers with language translation as needed.

Product Marketing

Provide additional marketing services including storytelling, multimedia projects or other networking services to support the sale of a product.

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