Yellow Seed Community Principles

The following describes a set shared principles that unite the Yellow Seed community.


Being transparent is the first step towards building trust as a community. Information shared with each other contributes to learning and understanding how to improve together. The Yellow Seed community is committed to:

  • Open and transparent supply chains
  • Making farmer wages visible where possible
  • Identifying Intermediaries (processing, logistics, and shipping) when possible, along with their wages for the value they add.
  • Clear terms and agreements
  • Being honest when sharing information with the community


Due diligence can be a process of facilitation to surface references and information from trusted sources in addition to 3rd party audits and certifications. For example, if a company says, “No, we’re not cutting down the rainforest,” the next step is to ask, “How do you know?” and “who says?” Making information accessible and allowing community vetting ultimately helps to reduce costs of verification. At the core of verification is a system that allows anyone to file a complaint. Unlike a certification system, we aim to create a 2-way dialogue providing ways for both farmer and buyer voice.


Creativity and entrepreneurship from the Yellow Seed community fuel the innovation of our platform and catalyze its progress. In turn, Yellow Seed’s platform acts as a community commons for resources and information, reducing the time it takes to build trusted trade relationships and creating efficiencies of scale. The added features and roles on the site are a response to catalysts within the community taking action to create bridges or add value. There is a spirit of paying it forward and sharing responsibility to support the whole.

Dynamic and Continuous Improvement

Dynamic means creating a better way of being for any given stakeholder through a process of continuous improvement rather than by being defined by any one measure. Yellow Seed’s platform provides a way to capture and share stories of positive change that don’t necessarily fit into any one mold. The measures of success towards shared goals and commitments are defined and directed by its community. The vehicle of story highlights issues along with the inspiration to improve and will showcase indicators of what success means for each origin and stakeholder. Yellow Seed’s platform also showcases and tracks the collective impact of progress we make together. This data becomes the foundation of a learning system focused on continuous improvement.

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