Yellow Seed is committed to measurable and meaningful impact.

We're a community working together to create resilience in both our global food systems and local communities, while preserving rainforests and increasing farmer incomes.

There are 5 million farmers across the world who depend on cacao for their livelihoods.

We represent 2720 of those cacao farmers from 31 origins and 18 countries.

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Impact Goal Area:
Improved Livelihood

Fostering equitable market conditions is key to improving livelihoods.

When farmers sell their product under equitable market conditions they receive a fair price, improved terms, and a social premium that values skills offered, promotes self-agency and creates the opportunity for farmers to develop their businesses and plan for their future. This produces a powerful way to reduce poverty and increase local community resilience.

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31 origins

Represented on the Yellow Seed Platform
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9,617 metric tons of cacao

Average annual total produced by the origins on yellow seed
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Average price per metric ton for cacao on yellow seed
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Impact Goal Area:
Thriving Resilient Communities

Increased income helps communities to invest in healthcare, education, and training.

Research has shown that as farmer incomes increase, the surrounding communities will grow and prosper. The domino effect of having more finances flowing in a system, translates to farmers investing in the education of their children, opting for increased health care services and taking part in more training programs related to their business endeavors.

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27% female

farmers & coop members
Female leaders icon 721055f59fa3d615ae5f88461ed88471dc728e0bb9d2e4e96036c2eac0b13e51

33% women

in leadership positions
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31,387 hectares

of other crop areas provides food security at origin
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Impact Goal Area:
Healthy Environment

Supporting sustainable farming is a proven method for protecting forests, increasing biodiversity, and adapting to climate change.

When farmers are financially valued for their role in the ecological system, he planet wins. Ecological farming ensures healthy farmland and healthy food for today and tomorrow, by protecting soil, water, and climate. It promotes biodiversity, plant regeneration, wildlife habitat, and dense forest cover which helps to absorb CO2 and regulate global air temperatures.

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68 unique varietals

Cultivated by the origins on Yellow Seed
Forest conservation icon 18841a3fc2ad136f8f48409b0a0974e5b8435ec06a70665cb47f4d754dfa2bb8

13,715 hectares of forest protected

By the origins on Yellow Seed
Emissions down icon 01c0ccf55fd1ec30220635e911a97ffe205395814cbf8df5e6cd1d9f03ba9eb6

1,494,935 metric tons of CO2

Locked in because of origin's forest conservation efforts

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