Our nonprofit supports sourcing quality cacao with more transparency and efficiency.

About Yellow Seed

Yellow Seed is a conscious trade network where farmers, buyers and members work together to promote equality, ecological conservation and community resilience, starting with cacao. Our platform acts as both an informational hub and a marketplace to create a trade network deeply rooted in the exchange of trust.

Origins can share their stories and products, set pricing and build consistent trade relationships. Buyers can discover new farm origins, learn about product processing details, initiate trade and sell value-added or end products. Other community members can share their innovative services and skills through our member registry. Ambassadors and Tasters educate the community about new Origins, along with quality and flavor profiles.

Yellow Seed’s mission is to accelerate positive social and environmental impact by connecting global farmers to ethical trade opportunities.

Yellow Seed envisions a future where global food supply chains are nourished through a web of agro-ecological farms and respect the labour and love producers put into their products, and the land where food is grown.

Conscious Trade

So what is conscious trade and where do you fit in? By definition:

con·scious: adjective \ˈkän(t)-shəs\
Awake and able to understand what is happening around you

Yellow Seed believes the future of food depends on a paradigm shift and collectively making positive change that goes beyond current levels of compliance. Our community is therefore committed to transparency, collaboration and creating deeper meaningful impact.

We want you to know your context, see your place in the system, know what is possible and know where you have personal agency within that possibility.

How can you be a voice for authenticity and integrity? How can you apply your farming skills or leverage your purchasing power to support a movement for better? How might you share best practices to raise the bar for your industry colleagues?

Our ultimate goal is to design a trade system based on wholeness, where everyone impacted by the system can contribute to making that system better. This means more fulfilled, prosperous farmers; more thriving intermediaries; more satisfied buyers; and more delighted customers.

Thus, Yellow Seed’s work requires a commitment from all collaborators involved, and a shared vision of where we are headed — a future where everyone wins.

~ Good Chocolate, Good Beans, Good for People, Good for the Earth.

We welcome you to join us!

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